ADV Agency is an advertising agency that focuses on servicing its clients in the following directions:


  • Graphic design of advertising materials
  • Design of packaging and labels
  • Corporate Identity
    (Logo Design, Business Accident, Branding)
  • 3D visualizations

Print advertisement

  • Pre-press and printing of advertising materials 
    (brochures, leaflets, product catalogs, posters, greeting cards, calendars, etc.)
  • Advertising in printed media (magazines, newspapers, catalogues, guidebooks)

Web design

  • Web design
  • Design of dynamic and static web banners
  • Web site development
  • Web services  (domain purchase and hosting plans, technical support for sites)

Advertising and media service

  • Media planning, advertisement and purchase of advertising time and place in the electronic media and the press, as well as preparation of the relevant advertising materials

Souvenir advertising

  • Design and printing of advertising souvenirs
    (T-shirts, chemicals, hats, glasses, etc.)

Transport advertising

  • Design, printing and branding of vehicles

Outdoor advertising

  • Rental of locations throughout the country for billboards

Public relations (PR)

  • Contact with the media
  • Promotions and events organization
  • Layout of commercial and exhibition areas

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